Zach Lavine or Nate Robinson?

by Samuel Biggers

Everybody is saying the 'real' dunk contest matchup would be LeBron James vs. Zach Lavine. Not so fast... the real challenge would be Zach Lavine against the only 3 time winner of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Nate Robinson. Robinson won the contest in '06, '09, '10 and Lavine is the current champion having won the contest in yesterday. Robinson, a 5'9" high-flying point guard that spent nearly a decade (2005-2015) in the NBA, playing for 6 different NBA franchises and would certaintly give Lavine a challenge despite being 8 inches shorter.

Lavine and Robinson have more in common than simply just great displays at the NBA Dunk Contest. The two both played high school ball in the Seattle area. Believe it or not, the two dunkers also played for the same AAU basketball team, "Friends of Hoop Seattle." 

In the end, a dunk contest featuring Zach Lavine and Nate Robinson would certainly be intriguing. Lavine is known for his explosiveness and making the highly difficult look easy. Robinson on the other hand, is known for his creativity and height, or rather lack there of. 

I would take Robinson. It is not everyday you see a 5'9" man dunk a basketball. Not to mention, all of the flare Robinson brings to the court.

Who would you take?

Nate Robinson 2009 Slam Dunk Champion

Zach Lavine 2015 Slam Dunk Champion